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Folk Club Launch Night - Review

After 4 months in planning the Launch night of the Over Hulton Folk Club arrived Wednesday 7th March 2018.

As this was the launch night lets take a look at the venue .

The Over Hulton Conservative Club has a great location equal distance between junction 4 and 5 M61 .Adj to the Leigh to Bolton 582 Bus Route , with free parking on site . Front entrance to the club is wheel chair friendly, small step, ramp provided wide front door . The Folk Club meet in a large welcoming room the bar is in this room the bar staff are extremely friendly and efficient .

After a short welcome by the Over Hulton Community Group Chairman, John Bullen it was time for the music .

This being the opening night would be fair to say the lights weren't great for the first 2 songs .This will be corrected for the future events .

Fitting first artists were local singer songwriter and resident Corrie Shelley and Les Hilton .

Corrie sang a variety of songs from her two albums Painted Memories and latest release The Leaf and The Cane.

Corrie is a gifted writer best described as a poet who paints pictures with her songs and delivers them with an angelic voice, whilst Les puts down very sympathetic accompaniment on a variety of instruments .

Outstanding songs were 'Goodnight to the Stars' which tells the story of Sons going away to foreign lands, but if you both say goodnight to the stars, then you have an unbreakable link.

'Mothers Kiss' similar theme, tells of soldiers going off to World War I ,that departing kiss from your Mum will protect and bring you home safe . Both features great playing by Les .

'Jonny' tells of tragic loss of life underground at the Pretoria Pit, if these songs don't touch you , then you ain't got a soul .

As I sat down to write this I've just realised of all the songs my favorites are 'The Pattern', 'Love Is Blind', 'Don't Try To Change Me', the list just goes on .

Great set fully appreciated by the audience .

Short break time for a beer.

2nd half went to the opposite end of the folk genre. Chonkinfeckle, Tim on electric drums and vocals, Les changed his shirt now accompanied Tim on an even greater variety of instruments and adds the occasional one liners.

I can't remember the last time I laughed and smiled for so long, each song after a short explanation just kept on coming.

Great set.

A fantastic evening enjoyed by everyone .

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